We offer a range of financial support services for your business on a consulting basis.


We typically begin an engagement with an analysis of how you currently run your business with a focus on your workflow, your pain points and  your wish-list.


Together,  we then come up with a strategy to maximize your business efficiency and profitability.   


Starter Package:
  • 30 mins free consultation to  create a plan of action

  • We choose or customize your accounting system based on your business needs

  • We create a structure to track the key indicators relevant to your daily operations 

  • We recommend  and configure apps to streamline your workflow

  • We then follow up with a 1hr training session for you and your staff

Collaborative Support:
  • 30 mins free consultation to  review your current workflow and define priorities
  • We setup & train your key personnel to manage daily bookkeeping services on the cloud
  • We step in and do monthly or quarterly review of your books

  • We create financial reports with a focus on profitability cash-flow and budget tracking

  •  We suggest ways to automate your workflow with a focus on efficiency

  • Troubleshooting services

Strategic Support:
  • 30 mins free consultation with a focus on your business pain points

  • Prioritize solutions and offer customized plan of action

  • Focus on streamlining towards efficiency

  • Monitor key indicators relevant to your business

  • Position your financial foundation

  • Provide financial clarity for easy decision making 

  • Modeling what-if scenarios

  • Collaborate with your accountant to support your business needs